Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Reveloo?

    Reveloo is a web portal that exposes self-serve business intelligence to your team. Instead of building dashboards from scratch, you annotate data to give it meaning, and Reveloo automatically generates common patterns and creates linkages in your analytics.

    Functionally, it is like an out-of-the-box managed service (i.e. Amplitude or Mixpanel), but it is powered by your data that you structure and define in your warehouse.

  • Who is Reveloo for?

    Reveloo is built for customer-facing teams at B2B SaaS companies. It is built to enable customer intelligence that drives expansion, reduces churn, and illuminates product usage.

  • Does this replace ETL or BI tools?

    No. Other tools work in concert with Reveloo. Other BI tools enable totally-custom reporting, and other ETL tools can serve to structure and prepare data before it is exposed in Reveloo.


  • How does it work?

    In Reveloo, you define a set of models which represent your business processes. Models are SQL queries that generate materialized tables; these are exposed to data-consumers in a white-labeled web portal. Each model has a corresponding YAML file with annotation, describing what the data means and how it connects to other models.

    Philosophically, Reveloo embraces dimensional modeling techniques. By adhering a set of dimensional patterns, Reveloo enables canonical yet flexible reporting. Unlike most ETL and BI tools, Reveloo is opinionated about how you structure your data. But unlike managed services, Reveloo is customized for your unique “business schema,” and all transformations happen within your data warehouse. You own your data completely.

  • Can I manually update data in the rloo. schema?

    You can, but it’s not recommended, and it can potentially break the web application if there are any changes to the schema or types.

  • Can I use rloo. data in other processes?

    Yes. The rloo. data is envisioned as “presentation layer” data, useful in BI tools and other processes.


  • What about PII and new rules?

    Reveloo is designed for privacy and ownership. The application is delivered as a Container-as-a-Service, which means all data and processing happens within your AWS account. Reveloo-the-company doesn’t store, access, or silo any of your data – you own it completely.

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