Below is an example of an metric called utilization which measures usage over time. Metrics are aggregations of daily or event models.

Note, metrics are dynamic queries executed on-the-fly and have no corresponding SQL files or materialized tables.

A top-level YAML file describes all metrics:


    # user-facing name
    name: Utilization
    type: metric
    icon: mdi-poll

    # human-readable description
    description : |
      Active utilization of purchased AND assigned seats. This is the number of monthly active contributors divided by seats purchased and assigned to users.

    # the model to which this metric applies
    base_model: customers
    # the aggregation applied to the `target` below
    # this is either "average" or "count"
    aggregation: average
    # this is a column on `customers`
    target: active_utilization
    # default rounding
    rounding: 4

    # this is the property by which to break down visualizations, by default
    breakdown: plan
    # default filters to apply
      - column_id: plan
        operator: not_equal_to
        value: trial
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