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June 2019
You’re doing MRR wrong (and why it matters)
If you’re a SaaS business, your number one metric is almost certain to be recurring revenue (MRR for monthly or ARR annual; I’ll …
June 2019
Don’t be data driven
Data people (myself included) love to be pedantic — and for good reason, because using the right words matters, especially when you’re describing data. So …
May 2019
Can Data Science deliver (good) business intelligence?
In many organizations, the Data Science team forms the center of an organizational “snowflake schema” – managing the data infrastructure, tooling, and process used by product …
May 2019
What is great business intelligence?
Great business intelligence isn’t a product. It’s not a data warehouse, a methodology, a visualization tool, or even a “stack.” It’s not …
May 2019
What is this?
I’m tired of boring blogs that are part of a “content strategy.” This is a blog with a point-of-view. The goal is to be …
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