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The custom analytics portal that drives growth

Go beyond ad-hoc dashboards and inflexible out-of-the-box tools. Leverage first-party data in a white-labeled portal built for B2B SaaS teams. Discover insights that are discoverable, easy to understand, and actionable.

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Analytics for your whole organization

Analytics Teams

Focus on building and annotating the model: your facts, dimensions, and metrics. Invest in an integrated system designed to expose explorable and canonical analytics — so you can work on more complex problems. Bring the power of 3rd party analytics tools to your own data stack.

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What makes it different?

Your Data
Reveloo is an overlay on your data warehouse. You own all your data: there are no subprocessors and you can integrate it into other systems.
Your Model
Define the objects and metrics that matter for your business. Add or change definitions to support changes to your product, team, and strategy.
Your Meaning
Enforce data governance by annotating data so users understand what metrics mean and how objects relate.
Your Portal
Expose your custom analytics in a searchable, white-labeled web portal that exposes self-serve exploration, pre-built dashboards, and alerting via Slack.

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Reveloo can be managed or hosted on-premise. Trying Reveloo is free — and we help you set it up!

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