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business intelligence
business intelligence
Reveloo is an end-to-end analytics system* built to help teams harness their data and drive growth
* custom-designed and supported by a dedicated specialist
Unified Data
Product, business, and external data all in one place, realtime, available to your entire team.
Beyond Reporting
Proactive alerts for actionable changes. Global search for any object, metric, or event.
Easy Deployment
Minimal setup. No maintenance. No SQL required. Connect your data and everything just works.
Built for business & customer analytics
Account-based reporting gives business teams instant visibility into customer usage.
Featuring real humans
Justin Krause
Justin Krause
I work with you to understand your business, integrate your data, and set you up with a system that gives your organization great intelligence.
From the blog
Can Data Science deliver (good) business intelligence? In many organizations, the Data Science team forms the center of an organizational “snowflake schema” – managing the data infrastructure, tooling, and...
You're doing MRR wrong
(and why it matters)
If you’re a SaaS business, your number one metric is almost certain to be recurring revenue (MRR for monthly or ARR annual; I’ll be using MRR in this...
How it works
Define your requirements, map the data system, and identify gaps & silos. We work intensively to understand your organization — to deliver a system that democratizes data and empowers business teams.
A flexible foundation
Reveloo works out-of-the-box for everyone, but technical teammates can also access the data directly in BigQuery — query it with SQL, feed it into processes, or connect to tools like Tableau or Google Data Studio for custom reporting.